Music. Live it. Breathe it.

I became a much realer, yet harsher person after I took AP econ. People don’t understand how much economic ideas are applicable to life. Cost/Benefit. It does leave out some ethics, I’ll state that, but it makes you learn to put a value on your time, happiness, and self. Eventually you’ll get where you want to be and not so pushed over by life and nonsense. 

I have a Steve Jobs attitude. I want to take this class, this class, and this class. not this mandated set of classes like English, Physics, and Statistics. He skipped class for calligraphy and Shakespeare. Guess where that got him, oh yeah, CEO of Apple, the most valuable company in the world. 

Take all the good, and write it down. Take all the bad, and write it down. Take all the lessons, and write them down. On a sad day, look at the bad and see where you’re not. Look at the lessons and see how far you’ve come. Look at the happy and see how happy you can be. Now write this down. Reflect. 

I get extremely philosophical at night. For some reason, my stress goes away, my worries, my struggles. It’s just all feelings and my brain. There’s no distractions, no possessions or earthly things that can affect my view and ideas. That’s an empowering thing.  Will I be tired tomorrow for staying up till 1 or 2 am, maybe. But finding myself is so much more worth the lack of sleep. Learn young, explore, so that you will never doubt you who are for the rest of your life. 

I’m really ashamed to ever call a girl this, but you’re a straight up slut.

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I’m so tired even my pick up lines are weak. the strugg

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Go fuck your shit of an ex you lying cunt who only wanted me to be a rebound.

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I’m going to try and start saying under privileged instead of ghetto

Frankly I always just rant about how EKs variety is for bc every there are white schools who are conceded and think EK is only ghetto and the kids are going to be failures. I’m sorry but we see the most success and failure of anybody. Success is achieved by how hard you work and how bad you want it, not by what you have. My ex gf will always instill that grudge that EK gives a better experience. We’re not conceded assholes.



This was an old project I did last summer, all of these photographs were shot between midnight and four A.M. with extremely pushed film

This has to be my favorite post

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that really awkward moment when I have to email my ex’s mom, and I know the email will just break her heart. It’s rough

you’re saying shit, then saying im that because i asked how. cool

I’m always asking questions

Your responses are getting more childish as we speak..

bish wut? I’m a pain in your ass?

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